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The partnership work of the PC "Russian Truck" with various leasing companies allows us to offer customers the most favorable conditions.

One of the main tasks of any automobile enterprise is to carry out timely updating of the fleet so that vehicles meet the new requests of drivers. Large holdings upgrade at the expense of depreciation charges. The rest are forced to take out loans at a high interest rate for these purposes. The Russian Truck PC has a more favorable offer – MAZ leasing, which allows you to make payments in installments and reduce the cost of tax deductions.

The Minsk Automobile Plant makes it possible not to buy a vehicle, but to rent it for a long time (from 6 months). According to the concluded contract, after this time, the lessee will be able to buy the car at a low price. One of the main advantages of such a financial lease is that the payment of the residual value of the car is not an obligation, that is, the lease can be completed on a general basis.

Buying MAZ equipment from us, any company can count on:

  • A low down payment, which allows you to refuse loans or serious budget waste;
  • Fast registration of relations due to the collection of only basic documents;
  • All applications for cooperation are considered as soon as possible, and this eliminates downtime in work;
  • In the process of registering a lease for a certain period, a payment schedule is drawn up with an indication of the amounts, which allows for a long-term budget adjustment;
  • Since the car will already bring the company income, the payment of rent will not greatly affect the overall level of profit of the organization;
  • Since, according to the lease agreement, MAZ remains the owner of the operated vehicle, the lessee will not have to make tax deductions for this unit of equipment;
  • MAZ financial leasing is not a form of lending and is not displayed in the company's credit history, which means that the organization will not meet obstacles if it is necessary to obtain a loan or loan;
  • The terms of the contract do not include the need for a deposit. The guarantee of maintaining financial relations is the vehicle itself. If the company is unable to pay the rent, the car is returned to the rightful owner without any additional penalties.

The absence of collateral is an important point to focus on. When making a loan, the borrower's property is the guarantor of the transaction. If he loses his solvency, the collateral becomes the property of the bank. Our partners are protected from such risks.

PC "Russian Truck" offers the most convenient leasing conditions for the equipment of the Minsk Automobile Plant. We select the necessary equipment ourselves, draw up a contract, issue insurance, and register cars. In addition, for the entire duration of the lease, the maintenance of vehicles is carried out at the expense of the owner, that is, the PC "Russian Truck", and will not require additional financial investments on the part of the tenant.

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