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Service package

JSC " Maz "has introduced a program called "Service Package", which is relevant for the Russian Federation.

What is the essence of the proposal?

The program consists in the fact that you can undergo free maintenance (to-0) after running-in, and on the same terms get to-1 at the expense of Maz.

What models does the offer apply to?

Then all models of automotive equipment from JSC "Maz" can pass, except:

  • models designed for passengers;
  • special add-ons that are on the base chassis;
  • Daimler AG and MAN engines as part of Maz automotive equipment.

Maintenance of the latter is carried out with the user's personal funds at special service stations.

In addition, if you purchased any model with Weichai Power engine, you can undergo unit maintenance during the to-2 and to-3 at no charge. There is also an extended warranty (up to three years). The specific term depends on the technique.

What is needed for the program?

  1. Contact the nearest specialized service station Maz. There your vehicles will be registered in the registry for warranty.
  2. Observe the deadlines set for maintenance.

How is the MAZ + Weichai service package implemented?

  • Then after running-in and then-1. In this case, the work and consumables are financed by the plant.
  • That-2 and that-3. In this case, the work and consumables for repairing the chassis are financed by the user. Works, as well as details, are provided free of charge for the consumer.

If you still have questions, you can get answers from the official distributor in Vologda - LLC PC "Russian truck".

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