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Truck crane Maz 16 tons

Since the Times of the USSR, the Belarusian car industry proudly continues to produce Legendary Maz. On their basis, a line of cranes is produced: Ivanovets, Klintsy, SMK and Masheka. Special equipment is equipped with diesel engines.

Technical features

Автокран 16 тонн на шасси МАЗ

Ivanovets truck crane 16 tons based on Maz, thanks to the chassis has the following parameters:

  • The weight of the machine is 16 tons, it is for this load that the platform is designed.
  • The leading axle is the front.
  • The load is distributed accordingly: the rear axle has a weight of 10 tons, and the front – 6.
  • Stop after about 37 m.
  • The car belongs to a number of undemanding fuel technology, and the tank capacity is 200 liters. It is usually enough for enough time.
  • It is worth mentioning fuel consumption, with a mixed mode at a speed of 70 km/h, it is 22-35 L/100 km.
  • The compact dimensions of the MAZ 16 t allow you to perfectly perform the required functionality within the city, although they carry restrictions on carrying capacity.

On the chassis there are details

  • Support for the arrow.
  • Side supports.
  • Pump hydraulic drive.

The platform carries auxiliary and main equipment

  • Hydro tank.
  • Counterbalance.
  • Driver's cab.
  • The boom, which consists of a three-part telescopic system.
  • Directly crane equipment.

A sturdy metal ladder is provided and the service area is covered in corrugated steel. This is done in order to ensure safety for technical services and workers.


Ivanovets 16 tons Maz is controlled by the driver from the cab or on the frame, duplication of basic functions is provided.

The crane is controlled by a joystick, and all manipulations depend on how much it deviates from the zero mark. Moreover, the designers provided for the possibility of forced mode for emergency situations, and the hydraulic system ensures the independence of the drive.

Safety and regulations

  1. It is allowed to work the truck crane Maz 16 tons only after fixing the supports on the shoes. Additionally, the soil near the supports is compacted, this helps to avoid a roll.
  2. Microprocessors are installed to control limiters and switches. This helps to track the excess of the load of the permissible mass. It is important to remember that breaking the rules will cause the crane to roll and fall!

Автокран 16 тонн на шасси МАЗ

How does the security system work?

  • Calculates the weight, head lift, and allowable boom length.
  • Fixes the mass and compares it with the load on the axle.
  • The coordinates of electrical lines and obstacles are entered into it, so the program is able to calculate dangerous areas.
  • All indicators are recorded and stored until the end of operation of the telemetry device.

The work is accompanied by special sounds. In an emergency, the crane operator can turn off the engine from the cab.

Considering the truck crane Maz 16 tons, its technical characteristics, we can conclude that this is a car of increased safety and cross-country ability. It is not whimsical, quite easy to manage, the main thing is the experience of the crane operator, and with good maintenance the equipment is ready to last a long time. His work can limit only critical temperatures below -40 degrees, negligence of workers and heavy rainfall.

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