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Truck crane Maz KS-55727-1

The Maz KS-55727-1 Truck Crane (better known as Masheka) is put on the basis of the Maz-630303 chassis and is produced in Mogilev. The enterprise develops, equipping the equipment with modern equipment, adapting to the requirements of the market. The plant's equipment is being modernized in order to provide various farms with reliable equipment.

Description and advantages

  1. The equipment of this model is designed to perform unloading, loading, construction and installation work.
  2. The basic chassis has high maneuverability.
  3. The dimensions of the car are quite compact, which allows you to use the model in the city.
  4. Equipped with a powerful Euro-5 engine.
  5. Significant speed and efficiency of crane operations.
  6. Powerful axial piston pump.
  7. The boom consists of 4 sections, which provides freedom of movement when moving and maximum coverage during operations.
  8. The winch system allows you to tightly control the position of the boom, the inclination of the tracks and the winding of the ropes.
  9. Hydraulic valves make it possible to carry out up to 3 manipulations of the crane simultaneously, and individually adjusting the speed of each of them.
  10. A high degree of safety, provided by special programs and Limiters: determination of driver parameters (works on the principle of "black box"), MZON (turns on near the power line), supports.

МАЗ КС-55727-1

Scope of application

Maz KS-55727-1 is actively used in construction. Its working area covers 360 degrees, that is, it is able to move the load around itself, and the length of the boom reaches 27 meters. The control system is set up so precisely that the crane perfectly copes with movements even in a limited space. The arrow, if necessary, folds, and the car leaves for a new place of work. Mobility of special equipment allows you to expand the scope of activities and change objects.

The potential of the crane is not limited to the installation of buildings, structures, it is able to move heavy and expensive equipment, both vertically and horizontally. Thus, its second side is revealed – a compact manipulator.

As a result, we can conclude that the crane is used in three very important areas:

  • construction;
  • logistics centers;
  • Ministry of emergency situations.

The crane effectively removes debris and builds new buildings. It is used everywhere, thanks to reliability, warranty and modern equipment.

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