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Maz wagon platforms

Maz wagon platforms, which are installed on various Maz chassis, are used for urban and long-distance transportation. Modern technologies allow to carry out maintenance and repair relatively inexpensively, and new cars meet Euro-5 standards. Cargoes have different sizes and require different conditions of transportation, so the forms of equipment are different.

Бортовые платформы на шасси МАЗ


It is possible to manufacture the platform on a personal order, as you can change the parameters, adjusting to the needs of the buyer. They are used in various fields:

  • construction;
  • Ministry of emergency situations;
  • agricultural activities;
  • cargo transportation and other areas.

You can buy an on-wagon platform on Maz with a choice of different parameters and cubature, choosing the most suitable version. The base of the platform is a universal base, on which, if necessary, a frame is installed, an awning is attached, a U-shaped or curtain awning system is mounted.

Бортовые платформы на шасси МАЗ


Machines of medium tonnage and with increased carrying capacity are used as road trains. They carry a significant proportion of large and oversized cargo. Platforms of unusual configuration exist, as a rule, in a single instance. In contrast, special equipment for fixing and building up the sides are mass-produced.

Tow trucks based on cars from the Zubrenok series are considered separately. They have low platforms. If necessary, the car is equipped with a CMU installation:

  1. Broken CMU-a bend is provided, folding ramps for loading without the help of a crane.
  2. Sliding CMU-the car is loaded using the offset part of the platform itself.

Бортовые платформы на шасси МАЗ

Advantages of Maz

Of course, in practice, the use of platforms of unclear origin is common, but the "gray" goods are accompanied by sudden breakdowns, and the details are difficult to find. Serial platforms have the following advantages:

  • Manufacturer's reliability, proven over the years.
  • Modern production technologies.
  • Reinforced construction to increase safety margin.
  • Maintainability.
  • Many official services.
  • Availability of details.

Currently, it is proposed to buy new trucks on credit or leasing. There are also many offers of supported cars, but in good condition.

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