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Maz awning

You can buy Maz with an awning at various sites, such as Avito, and other resources. They present cars of a wide range of prices, from 195 to 1,520 thousand rubles. These are widely demanded trucks, suitable for large companies and long-distance transportation.


It has a wheel Formula-6x4, the sides are made of durable steel. This is Maz tent, which has proven itself from the best side.

Technical description

  • ABS.
  • Front protective device.
  • You can attach the trailer.
  • Load capacity 14.25 tons.
  • Platform with a volume of 46 M3.
  • The YAMZ-653 engine is installed.
  • 420 hp
  • Mechanical gearbox ZF-16S2520TO 16 St.
  • High cabin with sleeping bags.
  • Platform parameters – 7, 3x2, 48x2, 54 meters.


If you need to buy a Maz awning used, then you can recommend this model of 2013.

  • Engine MMZ d 245. 35E4.
  • 169 hp
  • Compliance with Euro-4 standard.
  • Manual transmission ZF.
  • Body dimensions: 6, 2x2, 45x2, 3 meters.
  • ABS, ASR.
  • As a rule, the kit includes pre-start engine heating, interior heating.
  • Digital tachograph.
  • Sleeping bags for a good rest of the driver.


Maz awning will be an excellent assistant in long trips.

  • YAMZ engine.
  • Compliance with Euro-4 standard.
  • Power 330 hp some owners increase the power to 400 hp, so you can buy a used Maz awning in an interesting configuration.
  • Two full beds.
  • Seats are placed on air suspension, providing comfort for the driver and passenger.
  • Digital tachograph.
  • The wagon body is equipped with Gates.
  • Body dimensions: 6, 15x2, 47x2, 55 meters.
  • Spring suspension.
  • Radio, Radio.

MAZ 6312V9

  • The wheel formula is 6x4.
  • Carrying capacity-14.25 tons.
  • Engine YAMZ-651.10 turbocharged Type.
  • Compliance with Euro-4 standard.
  • It runs on diesel fuel.
  • 412 HP
  • Gearbox brand ZF 16S2520TO.
  • Large cabin with two comfortable sleeping bags.
  • Platform dimensions: 7, 3x2, 48x2, 54 meters.
  • The awning has a rear canopy.
  • Bezzazornaya coupling.
  • ABS, PZHD.
  • Spring suspension.
  • Digital tachograph.

Maz wagon awning of this model has all the necessary additions for efficient operation.

MAZ 6312N9-420-010

  • The wheel formula is 6x4.
  • Carrying capacity-14.75 tons.
  • Engine-YAMZ-652.10.
  • Euro-4.
  • 303 hp
  • GEARBOX ZF 16S2520TO.

Buy Maz awning is not always enough and there is a need to lengthen, increasing the volume of cargo transported by this method. Frames are extended with special inserts of riveted steel. Then vans are put on it according to the dimensions specified by the customer. All of them can be equipped with swing gates. If desired, you can find Maz awning 20 tons, make a road train with trailers.

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