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Timber and log trucks based on MAZMAN 6x6 chassis

The logging industry is one of the most developed branches of activity. Its products are in high demand and are used in almost all areas. Sorting-timber of the established purpose is an expensive material that must retain its original characteristics during transportation.

Transportation of forest

Basically, the forest is transported by rail and Road. But the first option is not always available due to the lack of railway tracks or cargo dimensions. Then use a more expensive, but at the same time maneuverable and available in different areas of the second option.

Техника МАЗ-МАН - Транспортировка леса

Presentation MAZMAN 6x6.

When transporting timber, general cargo transport is not suitable, since the length of timber can reach up to 15 meters. For this purpose, there is a special logging equipment-logging trucks and log trucks that comply with the rules for transporting timber and are equipped with additional equipment.:

  • racks that create a frame;
  • anti-slip elements that prevent the movement of logs;
  • shields that protect the cabin from damage by a possible fall of timber;
  • the length of the platform should be greater than the transported material;
  • cargo weight-correspond to the maximum load capacity of the transport;
  • the equipment must be adapted to difficult terrain conditions.

A timber carrier is a cargo transport for transporting logs, having a special design in the form of U-shaped frames with toothed inserts for fixing the load.

A log truck is a type of logging equipment designed to transport long materials. It is a truck with a trailer in the form of a chassis equipped or designed to install various add-ons.

Maz-man technique

Техника МАЗ-МАН

The production of modern heavy-duty vehicles of the European class, including for the transportation of timber, has been successfully carried out by the Belarusian - German CJSC Maz-man for 20 years. The company also specializes in the production of special equipment and front loaders.

Over the years, the company has earned an impeccable reputation for the quality and performance of manufactured equipment. The enterprise has a modern production base, a large staff of qualified employees, which allows us to produce new-generation technical equipment that meets European standards.

Trucks of the Maz-man brand are distinguished by powerful engines, reliable braking system, high-level Power Drive and are represented by a wide range of models.

  • Saddle trucks 4x2, 6x4, 6x6-serve for the transportation of various goods: as part of a road train, for working with a semi-trailer, for transportation over long distances, including on terrain with difficult driving conditions. The vehicles are adapted for operation in extremely low temperatures, and their carrying capacity reaches up to 75 tons.
  • Dump trucks-produced with a wheel formula of 6x4 and 6x6, due to the increased to 27 tons of carrying capacity, increased productivity per day. These are highly functional cars with low operating costs and adapted to work in various conditions.
  • Chassis-6x2, 6x4, 6x6 — are structures for installing a platform, Body, various special equipment on wheels, moved using a truck separately or as part of a road train, differing in the number of common and driving axles. The chassis is equipped with cabs on air suspension, have a powerful diesel engine, and high load capacity.

Chassis Maz-man 6x6

Шасси МАЗ-МАН 6х6

For roads of poor quality, with various obstacles or none at all, for long distances, in regions with low temperatures, this chassis is best suited.

The design involves the installation of various add-ons or can be completed at the factory. The model has an environmental Class-4.

  • The wheel Formula 6x6 means that all 6 wheels are driving, that is, it is an all-wheel drive mechanism. This design provides high patency on any surface.
  • The technique has an original German diesel engine of 430 horsepower, equipped with optimized oil cooling and exhaust gas regulation systems, which makes a higher level of exhaust purification. Maximum torque-2100 Nm. The motor is equipped with a speed limit and maintenance function, as well as an electronic maximum speed limiter.By lightening the weight of the engine by 100 kg, the load capacity of the truck increased to 26 tons.
  • The transmission is represented by a 16-speed gearbox and two — reverse. Fuel system-a tank of 300-700 liters with a filter. An additional option is a heated fuel filter mounted on the frame that separates moisture.
  • On the car chassis of this type, a cabin for 2 beds is installed — high, but at the request of the customer, you can install a short one without beds. This is a comfortable place for drivers, equipped with an upper hatch, comfortable seats, a wardrobe, shelves for clothes, a car radio, tachometers.
  • The chassis has many additional options, for example, autonomous cabin air conditioning, lockable fuel tank box, flashing light and others.

Transportation of timber often occurs on complex and long-distance routes, so the 6x6 chassis is the best choice. Maz-man equipment will not fail on the way, the cargo will be delivered safely, the driver will be able to work in comfortable conditions.

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