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Timber and log trucks based on Iveco chassis (IVECO Stralis)

In the category of heavy-duty vehicles, equipment for transporting timber can be distinguished. These are powerful, highly cross-country trucks with a chassis for installing platforms and special equipment. Trucks must comply with quality standards and regulations for the transportation of timber.

Timber and log trucks

The technique for transporting timber is characterized by a special design that allows you to stack and Transport long material in stacks. This is a platform with U-shaped metal elements installed on it — cones for reliable fixation of logs. In order to avoid damage to the cabin by displaced timber, a grille is installed in front, in height — above the cones. As a rule, these are all-wheel drive cars with a large fuel reserve.

Logging trucks may differ in structure:

  • wagon truck;
  • chassis with equipped platform;
  • truck with semi-trailer, equipped with cones;
  • road train-a logging truck consisting of a chassis with a trailer.

Depending on the length of the load, the equipment is divided into:

  • khlystovoz — for transportation of solid logs;
  • log trucks-used mainly for logs up to 6-8 meters long, both solid and sawn.

Лесовоз/Сортаметовоз IVECO

Equipment for transporting timber also differs in carrying capacity, capacity, wheel Formula, technical characteristics. Trucks with a hydraulic manipulator, which makes loading, are particularly practical.

IVECO technology

The international company IVECO has been successfully operating in the Russian market for almost two decades. Its dealer network covers all federal districts of the country. Two joint Russian-Italian enterprises for the assembly, sale and maintenance of heavy trucks, commercial vehicles and buses operate in Russia.

IVECO equipment, in addition to high quality indicators, meets all requirements for Environmental Protection and safety, working on natural gas and alternative fuels. The constant introduction of innovative technologies consistently keeps the company in the leading positions of the world market of car manufacturers.

IVECO trucks

Trucks of the IVECO brand have a wide model range and are intended for operation in any even hard-to-reach areas:

  • Astra HD9, HHD9, ADT, RD-all-wheel drive trucks with a wheel formula of 6x6 and 8x8, power up to 680 horsepower, payload up to 50 tons. Suitable for mining operations in extreme conditions, for transporting oil and gas from the most remote regions on hard-to-reach terrain, transportation of construction, oversized materials. Also cars can be made according to the customer's order.
  • Trakker-a new line of off-road heavy trucks designed to perform various jobs in any conditions from poor road surface to off-road. They are characterized by increased frame strength, high performance, safety in extreme conditions.
  • EUROCARGO 4x4-all-wheel drive truck with a capacity of up to 280 hp, equipped with protective elements-is suitable for work in the harshest conditions, including on slippery surfaces.
  • DAILY 4x4 is an off-road truck with all-wheel drive and 24 gears, capable of overcoming climbs up to 45 degrees, with a durable body and a comfortable cabin. Universal by type of application and add-ons.

IVECO Stralis

This is a model range of commercial vehicles, represented by Saddle trucks of various modifications and chassis for various superstructures, including for transporting timber. IVECO Stralis trucks are modern mainline vehicles of both regional and international importance. Safety, efficiency, best technical performance, comfort — that's what their production is based on.

All models are equipped with a reliable engine Cursor 8, 10, 12 power respectively from 270 to 540 hp in terms of exhaust gases-comply with European standards.

  • The chassis for the IVECO Stralis at260s42 Y/P configuration is designed for transporting various types of cargo, on construction sites as an auxiliary tool.
  • Powered by a Cursor 10 diesel engine, 420 horsepower, with a manual transmission-16+2, different drive options 4x2, 6x2, 6x4., comfortable cabin. Gross weight-44 tons, fuel tank capacity-300 liters, corresponds to the level of the Euro-5 standard.
  • Log truck IVECO-ATM 633920-is used to transport forest products up to 8 meters long on any surface. Load capacity up to 25 tons, works with trailers with 2-4 axles, double cabin with comfortable seats on a heated air suspension.
  • This is a powerful truck-450-500 HP., equipped with a diesel 6-cylinder engine Cursor 13, with a manual 16-speed gearbox and two-reverse. The log truck has a reliable dual-circuit pneumatic brake system, the volume of the fuel tank is 350-590 liters.
  • Iveco Stralis HI-Road truck trucks are a large line of trucks that work with all types of semi-trailers. These are trucks designed for heavy work, among them — container ships, trucks, chassis for various superstructures, low-profile and with high ground clearance. They work on the Cursor diesel engine, with a capacity of up to 480 hp, the gearbox is mechanical 16+2, the wheel formula is 6x2, 4x2, 6x4, a comfortable driver's cabin.
  • Iveco Stralis Hi-Way saddle trucks are a new series of vehicles that combine performance and comfort on medium-and long-distance routes like no other. It is a hardy and powerful vehicle, powered by a Cursor FPT Industrial engine up to 480 hp, ensuring efficiency and economy.
  • This is the only series of heavy-duty vehicles that meet the Euro 6 standard, thanks to a unique cleaning system. It is equipped with a robotic gearbox, a double cabin, various wheel Formula options, a fuel tank of up to 800 liters.
  • Chassis with IVECO Stralis superstructures are refrigerated vans, wagon platforms, insulated vans, as well as the possibility of installing car tanks, platforms for transporting cars, dump truck bodies and other superstructures. They are used independently or as part of road trains, have a powerful diesel engine up to 420 hp and various wheel formulas, including 8x2, a manual transmission, a comfortable cabin.

A huge advantage of the company is the ability of the customer to create and complete the car on an individual order. The chassis, log trucks for the transportation of timber, as well as trucks for the transportation of any other cargo of the IVECO brand are time-tested, have a high level of quality, reliability, safety and comfort.

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