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Timber and log trucks based on Volvo FMX chassis

Timber is used everywhere: in construction, paper production, furniture, musical instruments, toys, as fuel, for the production of technical alcohol, acetic acid and much more. To deliver wood from logging sites to factories and warehouses, special equipment is needed — timber trucks and log trucks.

Why it is impossible to transport wood on ordinary transport

Depending on the degree of moisture, timber can have a fairly large weight. In addition, it is often necessary to transport Long Logs that simply cannot be placed in conventional cargo transport. Also, when transporting timber, it is necessary to ensure reliable fixation of logs.

In this regard, the carrier must provide transport specially equipped:

  • the presence of U-shaped structures — cones and anti-skid elements is mandatory;
  • a protective plate is needed to prevent damage to the cab;
  • the width of the truck should be no more than 3.2 meters, and the height-no more than 4 meters;
  • transport should allow the location of logs that do not reduce the driver's visibility;
  • the design and carrying capacity of the transport should ensure its stability at full load.

All these requirements can be met only by equipment for transporting timber. Among the many manufacturers of heavy trucks, it is important to choose a reliable one that ensures the delivery of goods on time and in proper condition.


Лесовоз на базе шасси Volvo FMX

VOLVO trucks carry out transportation quickly, despite various conditions on the way, up to extreme, safely, with a minimum level of environmental pollution. More than a hundred countries use the equipment of this brand for transportation. The company is focused on the production of trucks operating in all climatic conditions and meeting such requirements as quality, safety and environmental friendliness.

All photos of this model see here

VOLVO TRUCKS has implemented and plans to introduce innovative technologies such as:

  • three-point seat belt;
  • first safety booths;
  • improving fuel efficiency with the desire to use only renewable fuels;
  • increased uptime;
  • machine learning that enables the collection and analysis of information from trucks;
  • electric mobility with zero exhaust emissions and reduced noise.

Лесовозы и сортиментовозы на базе шасси Volvo FMX

VOLVO TRUCKS Trucks are represented by a wide range of models:

  • VOLVO FH 16 - a heavy long-haul truck used for the most difficult missions, with a powerful 16-liter engine producing up to 750 horsepower, with a unique stylish exterior and interior.
  • VOLVO FH - a separate class of trucks, characterized by individual front suspension, dual clutch and functional cab design, is equipped with a 540 hp engine.
  • VOLVO FM - versatile truck, with the most efficient level of fuel consumption, with dynamic steering, gearbox that controls the choice of the right mechanism for fuel economy, engine up to 500 hp
  • VOLVO FE - combination of maneuverability and safety, automatic transmission with built-in intelligence, fast acceleration, safe cabin, engines up to 350 hp
  • VOLVO FL - easy maneuverable efficient city transport, easily cope with heavy traffic, narrow alleys, with high performance, up to 280 hp.
  • VOLVO VNL series-premium truck for long-haul transportation, with a non-standard exterior, high level of safety and efficiency.
  • VOLVO VAH - a series of professional trucks with a unique configuration, with a reduction in overall height, providing flexibility in placing transported vehicles above the cab, smooth running, reduced noise.
  • VOLVO VNX - designed for heavy-duty transportation, with wheel formulas 6x4, 8x6, 8x4, with internal comfort and efficient management.

This is not a complete line of VOLVO Trucks, they all differ from other brands with a stylish corporate exterior, high technical performance, safety and environmental friendliness.


Лесовозы и сортиментовозы на базе шасси Volvo FMX

Trucks of this series, on the basis of which timber trucks and log trucks are built, are best suited for transporting timber. In the harshest conditions with difficult terrain, the VOLVO FMX heavy truck with a 6x4 wheel formula will cope with the task. This is a real construction car with a sturdy bumper, comfortable rear suspension and dynamic steering. Cars operate on a powerful diesel engine with a capacity of 330 to 540 hp.

Advantages of VOLVO FMX:

  • smooth ride thanks to rear air suspension with a ground clearance of at least 300mm;
  • automatic traction control, allowing easier maneuvering while consuming less fuel;
  • dual front axles;
  • I-Shift transmission;
  • comfortable cabins;
  • high load capacity.

VOLVO trucks have been leading the global automotive market for many decades. Cars of this brand have always been considered the safest in the world. Also, they have no equal in reliability, durability, comfort, modern appearance, constant introduction of new developments and optimization of the driving process. Using VOLVO to transport timber, you can be sure of timely delivery without unforeseen breakdowns.

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