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MAZ buses

    Passenger transport is an integral part of the city's life. Buses are necessary so that everyone without a personal car can quickly move around the metropolis, and intercity flights allow you to refuse to travel by train in favor of a faster way of moving. Unfortunately, the transport of foreign manufacturers can not always function properly in the weather conditions of Russia and the CIS countries. For this reason, the Minsk Automobile Plant has launched the production of buses.

    Model range

    MAZ has been producing public transport since 1992 and assembling it on the conveyors of a specially created branch – AMAZ. The first model was assembled under the license of the foreign company Neoplan, but the finished vehicle did not meet the expectations assigned to it. As a result, the designers had to independently design unique buses.

    First generation

    The first-generation MAZ bus is a low-floor vehicle with a maximum capacity of up to 160 people. Today, not all models are produced, but they are still actively used on city streets, so you should not forget about them. Among the most popular modifications are:


    • MAZ-101-Created by merging the design ideas of MAZ and the basics of the German Neoplan, it enjoyed success until 1996, and then became an excellent help for various modifications.
    • MAZ-103 is a simplified version of the first bus, which is in the greatest demand and is still being produced. The low cost is due to good access to the components, most of which are produced on the territory of the CIS countries. Over time, significant changes relate only to the engine – it can be a diesel YAMZ, Renault, Deutz or Mercedes.
    • MAZ-104 is a modification with a raised floor, designed for operation in conditions of bad roads. But the vehicle was popular until the majority of the population of the countries began to move from villages to cities, where there is already a good road surface. As a result, the production of the model had to be curtailed in 2007.
    • MAZ-105-MAZ bus, designed for 160 seats, was produced since 1998 and was popular. But with the compaction of traffic in cities, moving a bulky model became not convenient, so the last pieces of equipment were assembled in 2014.
    • MAZ-107 is the last vehicle of the first generation line, which is still sometimes produced by the plant. However, the outdated engine is no longer satisfied with buyers, so it is planned to suspend the production of this model soon.
    • MAZ-171 is a modification specially designed for transporting passengers from the airport terminal to the plane and back.

    The new generation

    MAZ buses of the second generation have undergone a complete modernization, which affected both the appearance, the main "content", and the interior decoration. Today, such models are in the greatest demand on urban, suburban and intercity flights.


    • MAZ-203 is a low-floor city bus produced since 2006, equipped with an improved engine that meets the Euro-5 or Euro-6 environmental standard, supplemented with an automatic transmission. Its maximum speed is 130 km / h. The total capacity of the vehicle is 102 people, with seats from 28 to 37 in different versions.

    The upgraded MAZ-203 model, introduced in 2017, is interesting. The bus runs on methane, which allows you to solve the problem with a shortage and high fuel consumption.

    • MAZ-205-An articulated model is used in megacities on routes with particularly heavy traffic in the presence of a separate lane for public transport. Its maximum capacity is 175 people with 40 seats.

    Various modifications allow the installation of an engine from Mercedes with an environmental friendliness class of Euro-3 or Euro-5. Accordingly, its power varies from 240 to 326 hp. The maximum speed is 96 km/h.

    • MAZ-206-A semi-low-floor bus with a capacity of up to 72 people and 25 seats is found in cities of various sizes, because it has good maneuverability. The" heart " of the vehicle is equipped with a Mercedes engine with a capacity of up to 177 hp. It has been produced since 2006 and is always in demand.
    • MAZ-215-An elongated version of the MAZ-205 model became its best modification. The appearance of the buses is no different, although many new design solutions make the 215 model completely new. Here the tractor was lengthened, the trailer became shorter, there was an additional door and a place to accommodate a disabled person.

    MAZ-215 is in demand in large cities, where there is a high demand for modernized public transport. In small settlements, MAZ-205 is more common, since the price for it is much lower.


    • MAZ-216-An articulated bus with a push drive was the first in which the engine is located in the "tail", and not in the front of the car. For the successful implementation of the movement, a 326 hp Mercedes engine and an automatic transmission are installed here. As a result, the model can reach speeds of up to 100 km/h with a load of 165 people.
    • MAZ-226 is a semi-low-floor suburban bus created on the basis of the model 206. It is distinguished by a more compact size and a maximum capacity of 59 people. Thanks to the diesel engine of 177 hp, the large-sized car accelerates to 105 km/h, which makes traveling around the suburbs not only convenient, but also fast.
    • MAZ-256 is an improved suburban bus that is actually used both as urban public transport, for official purposes, and as a route maxi taxi. Its nominal capacity is 43 people with 28 seats. The Cummins engine with 120 hp allows you to reach speeds of up to 120 km/h.
    • MAZ-251 is an intercity bus equipped with comfortable passenger seats and is designed for long-distance travel. The maximum capacity of 53 people is determined by the number of seats.


    Advantages of MAZ buses

    The design features of public transport from the Minsk Automobile Plant have a number of advantages over foreign equipment:

    • Low floor, providing a comfortable fit;
    • High speed of movement;
    • Structural elements that allow people with disabilities to use public transport;
    • Independent front suspension that ensures smooth running even on uneven road surfaces;
    • A progressive exterior that corresponds to the ideas of modern cars;
    • High-quality components that increase operational characteristics.

    Where to buy

    MAZ buses are manufactured as standard in accordance with the selected model. In the Vologda region, you can buy a vehicle from the company PC "Russian Truck", which is a dealer of the Minsk Automobile Plant. Only official representatives can offer original vehicles at an affordable price and advise the best option for the implementation of the tasks set.

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