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Trailer equipment "MAZ"

    To increase the volume of transported products, special vehicles are used — trailer equipment. These are not only household trailers, but also dump trucks, container ships, semi-trailers, heavy trucks and others. Cargo transportation is relevant both at construction sites and for the delivery of products over long distances.


    Trailed equipment is available in an assortment, since specific conditions are required for the transportation of different groups of goods.

    • According to the configuration, the following types are distinguished:
      • flatbed trailers and semi-trailers, tented and not;
      • tanks;
      • dump trucks;
      • refrigerated trucks;
      • container ships.
    • By appointment:
      • general;
      • construction;
      • fuel trucks;
      • oil tankers;
      • grain carriers and agricultural transportation.products;
      • water carriers;
      • bitumen trucks;
      • dismissals for long-length cargo.
    • In terms of load capacity - from average to 30,000 kg;
    • By volume — a wide range;
    • By the type of suspension:
      • spring;
      • pneumatic.

    MAZ trailer equipment

    Minsk Automobile Plant has been producing vehicles for various purposes for more than 50 years. The products are of high quality and meet environmental requirements. The company is developing dynamically, introducing new design ideas and modern design.

    Cargo transportation is carried out by a wide model range of the MAZ brand.

    General-purpose cargo is delivered

    • MAZ-837300-3010 and MAZ-837300-3012. These are awning, flatbed trailers, with spring suspension, 2300 mm-height, 2480 mm-width and 5300 (6220) mm-length, cargo weight-up to 5400 kg (5200kg).

    In the TIR system

    • MAZ-837810-014 — the semi-trailer is covered, with folding sides and wooden grilles, the weight of the cargo is up to 14350 kg, dimensions— 2330*2420*7715 mm.
    • MAZ-837810-020,042, 052,1012 - similar in size and design, but not equipped with an awning and grilles.
    • MAZ-870100-3010 — awning, flatbed trailer with plywood flooring, with air suspension, loading-a maximum of 18,000 kg, 2615*2480*8500 mm-dimensions.
    • MAZ-870110-310 — it has a smaller length and weight of the cargo.
    • MAZ-975830- 3012,3014 —on-board awning semi-trailer with a rear canopy, pneumatic suspension, maximum weight for transportation-27900 kg, 2650*2480*13620 mm-parameters.
    • MAZ-975830-3021,3022 — unlike the previous one, it has sides made of aluminum profile in the form of sandwich panels, 27900 kg is the weight of the cargo, 2650*2480*13620 mm dimensions.
    • MAZ-975800-3014,3016 — it has the same design, is produced both on a spring and air suspension, is able to carry cargo up to 26700 kg, 2430*2440*13480 mm dimensions.

    All models meet the requirements of TIR, which means one of the most reliable methods of transportation. Cargo transportation is carried out only in sealed containers, which frees from inspection at border crossings and significantly reduces the delivery time. Only licensed companies own a TIR Carnet - a document presented to the Customs services and containing the necessary information.

    Transportation of containers as part of a road train

    • MAZ-938920-011 — transportation of up to two containers with a total weight of 33,000 kg.
    • MAZ-933060-has a similar design and purpose, a load weighing up to 22800 kg is allowed.
    • MAZ-991900-010,012 — the possible load is 29440 kg.

    Transportation of bulk agricultural products

    • MAZ-856102-010 — dump truck trailer with the possibility of installing an awning, cargo weight-up to 21600 kg, 1450*2320*6660 mm in size.
    • MAZ-856102-4014-000 — on-board platform with an awning, capable of holding up to 21,000 kg, 1790*2274*6660 mm.
    • PPTS-40 is a tractor dump semi-trailer, with front unloading.

    For transportation of reinforced concrete panels

    • Trailer MAZ-998500.

    With a tractor truck

    • MAZ-950600-030 — transportation of light-weight cargo with a total weight of up to 16,000 kg, the tractor is equipped with hydraulic equipment, a metal one-piece platform is not covered, on a spring-balancing course.
    • MAZ-953001-010- delivery of construction materials, up to 31200 kg.
    • MAZ-950600-020- semi-trailer with unloading through the tailboard, operated with a tractor with hydraulic equipment, carries up to 26,000 kg.

    Why is MAZ equipment among the leaders in the market

    More than 500 models, including trailed vehicles, are produced by the Minsk Automobile Plant.For many decades, it has established itself as one of the most reliable manufacturers on the world market.

    • First of all, they are constantly working to improve the quality level of manufactured vehicles. For this purpose, regular technical improvement takes place, the qualification of workers is improved, programs are developed and implemented to improve the quality and competitiveness of products. As a result, the equipment works smoothly at different loads and at different distances.
    • Secondly, new modern technologies are being introduced at the plant, production is being modernized, which allows us to keep up with the times and increase the functionality and productivity of equipment.
    • Thirdly, a large range of trailed equipment allows you to choose it for any purpose. At the same time, all products of the MAZ brand fully comply with European Standards.

    MAZ equipment is in great demand, because it has a high degree of reliability and functionality.

    Transportation is a responsible event. It is necessary to ensure the safety of the transported products, both physical integrity and original properties.Only properly selected equipment is able to provide all the conditions of transportation.

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