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PC "Russian Truck" takes care of its customers, so we accompany the cars sold by us for the entire period of their operation. A whole team of professionals who know all the subtleties of the device of large-sized vehicles and are ready to carry out any technical manipulations with the machine works in a separate service center.

About the service

The equipment produced by the Minsk Automobile Plant is of high quality and is designed for a long mileage. Today, on the roads you can find models that were put into operation from the factory more than 30 years ago. But, like any equipment, MAZ products need timely maintenance and repair in case of wear of parts.

Close cooperation with the manufacturer allows our service center to use only original spare parts of MAZ cars and install them using equipment used at the manufacturer. In addition to the means to accompany the car, the PC "Russian Truck" is ready to offer a convenient entrance without low bridges and narrow roads. We know our business, so we have provided unhindered access to the transport service of any scale produced by the Minsk Automobile Plant.

All the staff has a high level of qualification and is trained twice a year at the main MAZ plant, so all the workers are informed about the innovations and features of each car model. Only a person who has completed full training and received a specialist's diploma in such areas as:

  • Adjustment of electrical equipment;
  • Repair of the power unit;
  • Replacing the transmission;
  • Diagnostics and repair of the running segment.

About the service

The service center from the PC "Russian Truck" provides full technical servicing of MAZ in three main areas:

  • TO-1. The primary service consists in seasonal preparation of the car, carrying out scheduled cleaning of some elements, complete diagnostics of equipment, troubleshooting, if any, were detected. It is performed as planned and allows you to exclude serious breakdowns on the road.
  • TO-2. It is an extended version of the TO-1, since an in-depth diagnosis is carried out with the removal of individual parts. Unlike the first option, it requires much more time.
  • TO-3. Seasonal maintenance allows you to prepare the vehicle for winter or summer, just like any other car.

In order to relieve its own personnel, the manufacturer, under special agreements, provides the possibility of repair to third-party organizations of a smaller scale, such as the Russian Truck PC. This allows us to always have original components and perform high-quality repair work.

In Vologda, the service and maintenance of large-sized MAZ cars includes the following services:

  • Tire service;
  • Diagnostics, repair and refueling of the air conditioning system;
  • Changing the windows if they are damaged;
  • Washing;
  • Engine diagnostics;
  • Checking the correct operation of electrical equipment;
  • Installation of additional systems.

It is easier, faster and cheaper to repair MAZ vehicles in Vologda, in the main service center of the plant, and an extensive spare parts warehouse allows you to carry out all the work as quickly as possible.

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